I’m Quitting My Job!

I’ve been fortunate enough for the past 6+ years to be gainfully employed in the IT department of a mid-sized pharmaceutical company.  I’ve risen the ranks from intern, to help desk, to infrastructure and server support.  I’ve been paid well and treated well.  And next week I’m going to throw it all away by resigning.

For about three years I’ve been growing my computer consulting business in my spare time.  If you’ve followed my progress here on YFNCG you know that originally I had set a goal of 5 years to grow my part time consulting business to the point that I’d be ready to take it on full time.  Right now I have a handful of steady clients, but not nearly enough to make a living.  I’ve discovered there are over a hundred competitors doing roughly the same thing in my area. It’s hard work and I’m doing it without any formal business training.  Yet in about two weeks, roughly 2 years shy of my original goal, I’ve decided to jump into doing it full time.

What would motivate a guy like me to leave a steady well-paying career-focused position in IT in order to run a business in a highly competitive market with uncertain income potential?  One word…

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