Finding a Niche: PC Gamers

Starting a Computer Business: PC GamerAdvertising your computer repair business can be a bit overwhelming. 68.7% of American homes have internet access, and the number rises sharply in more densely populated areas.  That means you have over half of your community, town, city, or county as possible customers.

You could take a generalist approach and randomly advertise to as many people as possible and hope you appeal to some of those people.  That works for well-established companies with large advertising budgets.  But there is a much cheaper and more effective method of advertising that involves targeting a small niche of your potential customer base.

In the Finding a Niche series of blog posts I will profile different possible customer niches that you can target for your computer consulting business.

Today we will focus on the hardcore fans of PC games.  These guys like their tech to be the latest and greatest, but often don’t have all the skills necessary to build or troubleshoot their powerful systems.

Customer Profile

Age: 16-35
Income: Low to High
Location: Everywhere
Need: To have the latest and greatest computer and graphics to make their favorite games looks and perform best.
Technician Work -load: Moderate to Advanced system builds, troubleshooting compatibility issues.

Customer Description

PC gamers are a unique breed of computer user.  They probably use their computer more than any other customer niche and they will attempt to squeeze every ounce of power out of their systems.  When new games come out, they often require the latest technology in order to maximize the gaming experience.  As such, PC gamers are constantly upgrading their systems.  Much more often than regular computer users.

Another kind of gamer prefers MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.  These players may not necessarily need the most advanced systems, but they do place a lot of value on having a stable computer system and will be desperate to have it fixed if it breaks.

Finding This Customer

These customers are tricky to target because they can live anywhere.  From college campuses to affluent suburbs to city apartments.  There are gamers everywhere.  And this niche is no longer relegated to the young.  In fact, in a recent Nielsen study, they found that the largest group of PC Gamers are Females over the age of 25.  Keep in mind, they were counting people who play Solitaire every now and then as a “PC Gamer”, but it still gives you an idea that leisure time on the computer is a growing trend.

So while it may be tough to geographically target this niche, you can target to the habits of these folks.  These folks are on their computer a lot more than the average person, so a great place to advertise to them is online.  Another place to find members of this niche is at game stores or computer stores, since they are always on the lookout for the latest game or graphics card.  You can then case the parking lot of these stores putting ad fliers in car windshields.

Services to Offer

Some ideas of services to offer for this niche include:

  • Custom Gaming PC Builds
  • Overclocking and Cooling
  • Hardware Installation and Troubleshooting
  • OS Troubleshooting
  • System Tune-ups

Marketing Techniques

Once you’ve located your niche, it’s important to build a marketing message around their needs. This will take some experimentation as every situation is different, but there are some things to consider.

Online advertising, in the form of Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, may be a great way to target the gaming niche since they are most likely on the computer more often than other folks.

Try to speak to gamers directly by mentioning the latest graphics-intensive PC game in your ad.  Something like: “Bummed about how slow Crysis 2 runs on your PC?  Call Joe’s Computer repair for a Gamer’s Tune-up special!”.

Many hardcore gamers crave the most powerful system possible.  That’s why custom PC building is a very enticing offer for them.  Advertise your willingness to consult with them in order to put together their idea of the ultimate gaming rig.  While custom PC building won’t make you much profit, once you build it you will have another customer who will most likely come to you in the future with their computer service needs.

Have you had success with this niche?  What techniques do you use to focus your advertising?


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