100 Tech Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

After writing a recent post on the reasons why computer techs should be using twitter, I received quite a few requests asking for me to provide a list of tech accounts to follow for folks to get started.  I thought it would be cool to try to build this list, and in the process I’ve discovered some excellent resources.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  I’d call this more of a “beginners list”;  a run-down of some useful twitter accounts that focus on tech and computers. It’s purpose is to get you started if you’re new to twitter or to round out your list if you’re already on twitter.  The list is appropriate for anyone who is interested in keeping up with technology trends.

Tech Websites/Publications

These are the accounts of some of the top technology destinations on the net.  They provide useful information for us computer professionals and enthusiasts.  Follow these accounts for the latest news, trends, and articles on all things tech.

@arstechnicaArs Technica: The Art of Technology
@CNET NewsCNET News.com
@engadgetEngadget: Official Twitter account of Engadget!
@geekforeverForever Geek: forevergeek.com
@gigaomGigaOM:The GigaOM bot brings you all the latest headlines from GigaOM network of blogs.
@gizmodogizmodo: gizmodo.com
@googleA Googler: News and updates from Google
@MacObserverThe Mac Observer: All TMO articles directly from our rss feed
@MikeTechShowmiketechshow: Podcaster
@pcherepchere – Chief Blogger & Editor of QuickOnlineTips.com: Publishes technology news, blogging tips, wordpress hacks, web 2.0, new media
@PCMagPC Magazine: The Independent Guide to Technology since 1982
@TechcrunchMichael Arrington – Breaking Technology News And Opinions From TechCrunch
@TechnibbleTechnibble: Technibble is a resource for computer technicians to help them with their business
@TechRepublicTechRepublic: TechRepublic is a trade publication and online community for IT professionals
@TechwatchTech Watch: Providing you with all your tech updates in one place! Formaly comming summer 09!
@techwatchingtechwatching: This is the “Stories” feed for TechWatching.com, technology news and views minute by minute. Links go directly to stories.
@The Force FieldThe Force Field: Producer and Host of The Force Field a podcast and portal for IT Service Providers
@WiredWired: Wired magazine and Wired.com’s twitter feed | Currently hosted by Wired.com science editor @betsymason
@ZDNetBlogsZDNet Blogs: Top Tech Blog Network

Tech Vendors

The official twitter accounts of some of the more popular hardware and software vendors.  These will help keep you up to date on new releases, sales, and announcements pertaining to your favorite company.

@AMD_UnprocessedAMD_Unprocessed: Official Twitter account for AMD. CPUs, Graphics & Balanced Platforms
@ATIgraphicsATI Graphics: Dedicated to providing the latest news, product information and contests from the ATI Graphics team at AMD
@BlackBerryResearch In Motion: www.blackberry.com
@buyHPShop at HP: Buy HP products & services (Got a suggestion – twitter @ hp.com)
@CiscoSystemsCisco Systems: News and info about Cisco, our CEO and execs. I am John Earnhardt and am your tourguide on our official Twitter feed. Cisco Support @ http://www.cisco.com/ta
@DellOutletDell Outlet: Refurbished Dell™ computers, electronics. Question/comment? Contact Stefanie Nelson at @StefanieAtDell. More Dell Twitter accounts at www.Dell.com/Twitter
@forumnokiaForum Nokia: Driving Mobile Innovation
@googleappsGoogle Apps: Official Google Apps team feed, moderated by Kevin Gough. Google Apps is software-as-a-service for business email, information sharing and security.
@HP_SMBHewlett Packard
@hpnewsNews @ HP: Got a suggestion? Some constructive criticism? Let’s tweet! (DM @iange – Ange Embuldeniya or E-mail: twitter AT hp.com)
@HTCHTC – Connecting with smartphone users everywhere. have a question or comment about HTC? Just tweet!
@IBMResearchIBMResearch: IBM’s Research Division
@intelIntel: @kenekaplan and @kfcochrane of Intel Global Communications sharing news, views and events about tech & innovation.
@motodeals MotoDeals: The official word on exclusive deals and user tips for Motorola phones and accessories.
@MSWindowsMicrosoft Windows: Your source for all things Windows on twitter.
@NEC – NEC: NEC Unified Solutions
@NeweggDailyDealNewegg Daily Deals: For US Newegg Deals, follow us. For Canadian Newegg Deals, follow @NeweggDealsCa
@OracleOracle: Oracle News
@palm_incpalm_inc: Stay connected with Palm and learn about news, products, tips and tricks, deals and more.
@RedHatNewsRedHatNews: Official news and announcements from Red Hat.
@SeagateSeagate: The worldwide leader in hard disk drives and storage devices.
@sprintnewssprintnews: Official feed for news about Sprint Nextel. For ?’s about us or customer service issues, see @jgoldsborough, @jbtaylor, @cndavis, @srdoherty, @svinge
@TigerDirectNewTiger Direct Now: Great Deals on Electronics!
@vmwarevmware: Virtualization Technology
@vzwupdatesvzwupdates: Timely Updates on Verizon Wireless Phones, Network, Plans & Policies
@WesternDigitalWestern Digital

Tech Security

Receive up-to-the-minute news on the latest virus and security threats from these top information security vendors.

@bitdefenderlabsBitDefenderLabs: antimalware software – the future of security now!
@CiscoSecurityCiscoSecurity: Cisco Security events, products, and solutions. Also, general network security news updates. (Updated for CMO Security Solutions by L. Friedman)
@fortinetFortinet: Consolidated security solutions for enterprises, MSSPs, carriers and more
@McafeeAvertLabsMcAfee: The official tweets of McAfee Avert Labs
@McAfeeNewsMcAfee News: Get McAfee’s official news announcements by following this feed. (Not an interactive feed.)
@mssecurityMicrosoft Security: Microsoft and Windows home security bulletins
@KasperskyKaspersky Lab: Leading developer of antivirus software that protects against all forms of malware with the fastest updates
@symantecnewssymantecnews: @coryedwards providing the latest news, updates and insights from Symantec on all things security, storage, and data protection
@trendmicroTrendMicro: Trend Micro provides leading Internet content security solutions for businesses and consumers.
@verisignKaren@VeriSign: VeriSign is the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure. Tweets by @karensnyd.
@websenselabsWebsenseSecurityLabs: The security research team at Websense. Researchers, coders, incident handlers, across the world.
@zonealarmzonealarm: ZoneAlarm®, a Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. Company, is one of the most secure brands in consumer Internet security.

Tech People

For opinions, links, updates, and insight from a personal perspective, follow these top tech authorities.  They run the gammut from CTO’s to podcast hosts and everything in-between.

@acedtectTom Merritt: Host of CNET.com podcasts and videos, as well as East Meets West and Sword and Laser podcasts. And as always, Coffee achiever
Michael Arrington: TechCrunch founder. Dog Lover.
Bobbie Johnson: journalista and navel-gazer
Charlene Li: Co-author of Groundswell, thought leader on emerging technologies
Dan Oliver: Journalist and editor of .net magazine. These are my views, not those of Future Publishing. Mmm’k.
Dave Zatz: Geek blogger, sailing the seas of cheese.
Tim Fehlman – Chief Technology Officer, blogger, IT expert, Daily Cup of Tech author, tech guru, entrepreneur, hacker, maker, public speaker, author, Internet safety advocate.
Enderle: Analyst
erickschonfeld: Co-editor of TechCrunch
Evan Williams: CEO of Twitter
@gcluley – Graham Cluley: Senior technology consultant, Sophos. Viruses, spam, computer security, that kind of stuff.
@guykawasakiGuy Kawasaki: RSSurai with Annie Colbert, Gina Ruiz, and Bill Meade
@harrymccrackenHarry McCracken: Technologizer founder. Boy journalist. Bon vivant.
@inafriedIna Fried: http://news.cnet.com/beyond-binary/
@jasonhinerJason Hiner: TechRepublic Editor in Chief — I use Twitter to share links, observations, and professional upates. I read every @ reply but can only respond selectively.
@jasoncalacanisJason Calacanis: Founder of Weblogs, Inc., TechCrunch50 and Mahalo.
@jemimakissJemima Kiss: Guardian writer and interwebber. I live, therefore I Tweet.
@joshuatopolskyJoshua Topolsky: Editor-in-chief of Engadget.com, reformed producer, lover of creepy movies.
@jowyangJeremiah Owyang: I work at Forrester Research, however these opinions are mine. How I use Twitter http://tinyurl.com/24lv65
@jsnellJason Snell: Editor of Macworld, writer, primate, skeptic
@kevinroseKevin Rose: Founder of social media site digg.com. Random ideas, entrepreneur, climber of rocks, video blogger, & tea drinker.
@labnol – Amit Agarwal: Technology columnist & professional blogger
@lanceLance: I am a technology entrepreneur and currently a Venture Catalyst at Georgia Tech. I help launch and build technology companies.
@leolaporteLeo Laporte: I’ve experiments to run, there is research to be done, on the people who are watching TWiT Live.
@mattcuttsMatt Cutts: Head of webspam team at Google.
@mikkohypponenMikko H. Hypponen: CRO at F-Secure
@mollywoodMolly Wood: Host of the Buzz Report, Mailbag, and Gadgettes on CNETTV.com. 4WD epicure
@nataliedelconteNatali Del Conte: http://www.natalidelconte.com/
@omOm Malik: Founder of GigaOM & a Venture Partner at True Ventures
@padmasreePadmasree: CTO of Cisco
@rafeRafe Needleman: Writes wacky web 2.0 weviews
@ryanblockRyan Block: I’m an editor and technology critic in the midst of founding a new web startup: gdgt.
@sarahcudaSarah Lacy: i’m a reporter/author in silicon valley
@saschasegansaschasegan: I’m mostly the cell phone guy for PCMag; my other car is a travel writer.
@scobleizerRobert Scoble: Geek and technology enthusiasm from a blogger who grew up in Silicon Valley.
@teksquisiteBev Robb: Southwest NH small business It consultant and Cheeky-Geeky opportunist with a strong interest in computer forensics and social media.
@THErealDVORAKJohn C. Dvorak: http://www.dvorak.org/blog/
@thurrottPaul Thurrott: Paul Thurrott is the guy behind the SuperSite for Windows. Way behind. :)
@veronicaVeronica Belmont: Host of Tekzilla on Revision3 and Qore on PSN. Also, a geek.
@zephoriadanah boyd: Academic or activist? That is the question. (I study youth practices, social media, and cultural dynamics.)

Bonus: My Tech Buddies – These are folks whose name you may not recognize, but with whom I’ve had valuable personal interactions with on Twitter.  Check them out, you wont regret it!

@cbucholdtChristian Bucholdt: Independent consultant – Applying Requirements Engineering, agile methodology (Scrum) and IT Service Management in a pragmatic manner = creating customer value
@EricHammEric Hamm: WordPress designer/consultant, online entrepreneur, multifaceted blogger and creator of the frugal WordPress Theme. www.frugalTheme.com
@MathieuB Mathieu Bourgie: Blogger/Consultant @ Hardware Revolution, a blog where I offer various computer system designs, ideas and tips on how to help you cut down on computer costs!
@meekprizemike perez: some dude
@josephmunizjrJoseph Muniz Jr: An IT Tech trying to stay current on technology.
@philmcdonnellphilmcdonnell: Web developer, designer, consultant, techno-guy, business owner, animal lover and proud parent.
@rglauserRhett Glauser: Loud talker for Service-now.com, the only enterprise service desk (ITSM) via SaaS.
@theitskepticRob England: The IT Skeptic: writer, commentator, life balancer.
@timmyjohnboyTim Lenahan: http://timmyjohnboy.com/

And, of course, yours truly:

@YFNCG – Matt Rodela: Small business owner, computer guy, blogger @ Y.F.N.C.G., Data Center Systems Analyst for midsize pharma company

***UPDATE*** – Social media junkie?  Check out my new post, 50 Tech Facebook Pages You Should Be Liking!

Who did I miss?  Let me know in the comments and with your help I’ll continue to update this list!


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  1. Marianthe Verver @mverver says

    Recommended @CaliLewis from Geek Brief TV – She provides interesting relevant news & reviews about tech gadgets and technology in general.

  2. Travis says

    Some quality tweet feeds listed here. I recommend @rockyd from Decurity. Great information on ESM and SOC that applies business both large and small.

  3. says

    @TechCrunch belongs on websites, not people. You have Mike @Arrington above.

    No @RWW or @mashable? No @davewiner? No David @Pogue, @WaltMossberg or @KaraSwisher? No @Jason_Pontin or @MarshallK?

    I know you had to make some choices in keeping this list under 100, of course, but I was surprised to see those distinctive voices absent from your list.


    • says

      Hey Alex,

      Thanks for pointing that out with TechCrunch. It’s fixed.

      And thanks for the recommendations. I felt tweeters like RWW and Mashable were more social media than tech, so I didn’t include them intentionally, but the rest of those folks will definitely be included in a future update! Great catches!

    • says

      It did! But it was worth it!

      I had trouble finding relevant people/companies to follow on twitter when I first started using it, so I figured if it’s not out there, I should create it!

  4. Joseph M. | The Digital Bytes says

    WHOA! Thanks for the Twitter plug. Makes me feel special on the inside. Guess this means I have to be a bit more active on Twitter.

  5. Tim says

    Matt – getting RTs left and right! Good for you! A list this helpful was bond to get some attention!

    • says

      Thanks Tim, yeah this one is looking to be my most popular post yet! There’s no doubt Twitter is a hot tool these days. Glad to do my part to help the community!

  6. says

    Matt, I would suggest two more for your list:

    @stiennon – Richard Stiennon, security expert and industry analyst, is known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users. Runs the ThreatChaos.com blog and is the founder of IT-Harvest, an independent analyst firm that researches the 1,200 IT security vendors.

    @elinormills – CNET News.com Internet security and privacy reporter

    Jim Ivers

  7. BlackBerry Geek says

    Great list here! Definitely some people I need to start following.

    I run a tech twitter account for BlackBerry enthusiasts that I think would fit in nicely with this list.

    My website BBGeeks.com has tons of quality tips for BlackBerry owners whether they are newbs or longtime owners.

    On the twitter feed I answer questions for an ever growing audience of BlackBerry Geeks so that they can use their devices in a more efficient manner.

    I would love to be included in the list in a future update. Until then I have lots of new people to check out thanks to your hard work.

    Thanks again =)

  8. BlackBerry Geek says

    HA forgot to include my Twitter ID

    BBGeeks can be reached @bbgeeks on Twitter

    (sorry for the double comment)

  9. teksquisite says

    I just found this article Matt! Thanks for the include – glad I am following you too :) thanks 4 the excellent list of resources that I can now follow – I appreciate you!


  10. Staubsauger ohne Beutel says

    Hi guy, was just browsing through the web and looking for some infos and came 2 your website. I’m impressed by the information that you’ve on ya blog. It shows how ya understand your subject. I’ve bookmarked your, and i will come back 4 more. Guy, you, Know what you do!!

  11. Elisha Rubidoux says

    Microsoft’s own products, before its launch, many people have doubts about Microsoft Security Essentials of real meaning. But according to the current view, Microsoft’s strategy is successful, the first, Microsoft Security Essentials while failing to meet professional standards, but have reached their position — simple basic antivirus software(storage); Secondly, it is also attracting a means for Microsoft Windows users. Simple functionality, and windows systems supporting the formation of the firewall. Streaking friends than to wear the pants!

  12. Megan says

    I have recently started a blog, the information you provide on this website has helped me greatlyThank you for all of your time & work.


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