1. Tim says

    Wow! I love the new logo! I love the versitility, colors, and the cool little man. I think you’re right, they did a good job conveying the aspects of your business that you are looking to display.

  2. D.Eun says

    That is awesome! The little man just looks like you. The feeling I got from the logo is that your service is fast and friendly.Good luck!

    So, your business is almost set up?

    • says

      Haha, he looks just likeme huh? I don’t know how to take that =-) I’m glad you get the feeling of fast and friendly service from the logo!

      Yes, my business is almost set-up. There’s still one or two small things I need to do, but overall it’s ready to go!

  3. bosborne says

    I love your logo – it makes me want to break my computer so that cute little guy 9with your hlep0 can come to my house and fix it.

  4. Vincent J Alvarez says

    Its a nice design. The character could use a little bit of work (a little too blocky, but thats my opinion), but other than that, it looks good. It does portray what you want though (quick service).

    • says

      Hey Vincent, I actually thought the same thing as you initially. But the little guy has grown on me! He’s very unassuming and not too cutesy, which I appreciate. Thanks for your input, always appreciated!

  5. says

    Nice job for $40 bucks! I am going to have to use them :)

    I think what you said

    “The motto “Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy” can be removed if necessary, since it wont be visible if the logo is a smaller size (like on business cards and stationary)”

    is true but instead of removing it consider adding a line of the same color.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. David says

    I do embroidery and one thing people don’t consider is how well a logo will sew on a shirt if you desire to do that. The small text won’t work of course as the max size a sewn logo should be is 4″ wide. Other than that it’s great. And obviously the more complex and the more colors you have the more it’s going to cost to sew. Look at the big companies, most of their logo’s are very simple in design.

    • says

      Good point! I have thought about that and if and when I put the logo on a shirt, it will be sans the tiny text. And you’re right about simplicity. That’s why I decided to ask a professional to do it, because if I had done it myself, I probably would have made it too complicated.

  7. says

    Since others have posted on this recently I just wanted to follow up. I have used the company “Logo Design Creations” referenced in the post several times and have to say they are the best company I have ever worked with.

    They produce excellent results in a quick time frame for a cost that can’t be beat!

    Two thumbs up for them! So thankful that you turned me on to them.

    No I do not work for them, nor am I an affiliate…

  8. Sohaib Awan says

    I’ve used Logo Design Creation and the company stands out, in my mind, because of the speed with which they respond to any and all customer needs. Every project is handled with ease with which editing requests and updates are processed. They also have the ability to “problem-solve” and meet client expectations far and away.

    I personally think they are one of the most impressive in the industry (of web design and logo creation). From the standpoint of artistic expression, LogoDesign Creation masterfully balances customer needs with the topography of modern web design.

    What satisfies me the most? The ability of Logo Design Creation to synthesize the specifics of the client with the experience of the teams. I would highly recommend Logo Design Creation to just about anybody who needs a logo!! Bravo!!

  9. Kevin Thomas says

    I highly recommend Logo Design Creation to whoever needs a well-designed logo. I was very pleased with the design concept they presented as it was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t have a specific vision in mind for the final product but the designers listened to my criteria and delivered an excellent logo. The design staff from Logo Design Creation interpreted my vision for a logo perfectly. They incorporated all the aspects needed to communicate my company’s message. The designer was easy to communicate with and had an intuitive sense for the best solution in what I needed in a logo. They couldn’t have made the process any easier.

  10. says

    Overall an impressive design that you can be proud of. The logo ‘screams out’ fast and efficient service.

    I do agree with the other poster about the ‘blocky’ character. I wondered if he should have had a simple smile instead of a ‘block’ face – to give the impression of friendliness. Hard to say as you wouldn’t want to complicate the design further.


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