10 Affordable Gifts For The Computer Tech On Your List

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got those hard-to-buy-for folks on your Christmas list that take some extra shopping time on your part. Well if one of those people happens to be a computer repair technician or consultant, worry no longer!

I’ve compiled a list of some wonderfully cheap (under $100) and practical items that your cherished geek will adore! Each item includes a picture and title that link straight to Amazon, or similar online store, where you can order it.

If you are a computer tech, forward this post to your friends and loved ones to give them some good ideas. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

gifts for computer techSuper Tiny Thumb drives – This ridiculously small 8 gig thumb drive is the smallest sized drive with the biggest capacity that I’ve ever seen, and it’s ultra-cheap over at thinkgeek.com.  Having a portable medium to carry data, software, and files from place to place is a necessity for computer techs.  Thumb drives allow them to carry their stuff with them and transfer it to a computer at lightning speed.   You never know what you’re going to run into at a customer’s computer and having all of your software tools available in the palm of your hand is a must for any computer mechanic.  This one can attach to your key chain so you don’t have to worry about loosing it in between the couch cushions!

gifts for computer tech
Compressed Air
– Compressed air in a can is a tech’s best friend.  This tool is the only way to get the crumbs from the food you eat over your keyboard out from between the keys.  It’s also a safe way to de-dust the inside of filthy desktop computers without risking damage to the motherboard and components.

gifts for computer tech
External Hard Drive – Along the same lines as the thumb drive, an external hard drive offers the same value as well as a place to transfer large amounts of data.  All computer techs that work on site at customer’s homes should carry one of these bad-boys with them.  Since most people don’t back-up their own stuff, these drives come in handy as a way to temporarily store a customers data while you do something risky on their machine like trying to fix a boot partition or change registry settings.

gifts for computer tech
PC Toolkit – Essential to any PC technician’s toolkit is….well…a PC technician’s tool kit.  Like any tool set, the more pieces, the better.  But make sure, at the very least, you buy a kit that includes a screw driver with a few different sized bits,  needle nose pliers, and flash light. The 55-piece set in the picture is a good middle-of-the-road kit.

gifts for computer techErgonomic Stuff – Computer geeks are called such because they love computers and they normally spend way too much time in front of them.  Help the geeks you love avoid carpel tunnel syndrome by buying them an ergonomically designed chair, keyboard, mouse, or back scratcher?


gifts for computer tech
Wireless Stuff – One thing I’ve come to loath as I work with computer equipment is wires.  Wires are ugly, messy, and they always get caught in stuff.  That’s why I try to make my personal workspace as wireless as possible, and I’m sure your tech loved one will appreciate your help in

gifts for computer tech
KableFlags(Computer Cables Pack)
– Not everything can be wireless, however, and in places where wires become jumbled and tangled, these labels can save a lot of headaches.  The ones in the picture come with pre-printed computer-centric labels that can be applied to the opposite end of a cable so you know from where it originated without the need to do the cable-follow shuffle.

gifts for computer techLaptop Backpack – Convenient way to carry around a laptop. I’m a big fan of the Targus brand, which is what is pictured. They come with plenty of extra computer-gear ready pockets, straps, and even thermal lined pouches to keep food cold or warm. Keep a hanky next to your tree because your tech will drool over a good one of these!

gifts for computer techLaptop Privacy Filter – Checking email on my laptop at the local Starbucks in-between clients is a regular occurrence.  Slap this baby on the monitor and the only person able to see what’s on the screen is the person sitting directly in front of the monitor.   Great way to look-up customer information without making it available to prying coffee addicts!


Got anything you’d like to add to the list? What are some of the coolest things you’ve received in past Christmases?

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  1. punishment1977 says

    One thing that I always like having nearby is a back scratcher. I always seem to get an itch right when I am in the midst of something I consider important. :) I have a hardwood back scratcher and a couple different telescoping scratchers which come in very handy! I got mine from backscratcherworld.com who also sells via Amazon…they are like $10-20. Great gift or stocking stuffer!

  2. says

    The compressed air is the greatest idea. There are several tech websites that always overlook it. Heck I could use a couple of cans and I’m in no way techie! Also, what about blank CD-R or CDRWs? I use to send them to my tech friends and they were always grateful.

    • says

      Thanks! I agree that compressed air is usually overlooked by most people and is very helpful and convenient!

      CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, and all variations there-in, are great additions! I didn’t add them personally because I find that more and more I’m using my thumb drive to replace functions I’d normally use CD’s for. But there is always a need for blank CDs, they wont be going out of style any time soon.

  3. bosborne says

    I loved the t-shirt sites. I spent ten minutes chuckling and that can’t be a bad thing on a weekday after a hard day of work.

    • says

      Glad I could brighten your day! I’ve been known to spend an hour or so just looking at funny t-shirts from those websites. And now we have rizzotees.com from above to add to the list!

      • says

        Cool, thank you for the kind words! Sorry about my grammar above. “I submit this shirts?” WTF is wrong with me? hahaaaa, peace, have a good weekend everyone!

  4. says

    Products like the KableFlags make life so much easier. I use something similar but not that particular brand. They have come in handy on more than one occasion.

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